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  • Core Team

    Hosts and developers behind the community

    Paul James

    CEO of FUN

    Paul James is the CEO of Jolly Dragon. He has over 20+ years of experience building sport communities


    Management Assistant

    ander came to Finland from Netherlands. He has amazing personality adored by other people around. He successfully learns how to structure business processes.


    Community Builder

    Anna knows how to get people involved into sports and what benefits they can get out of it!


    Lead Developer

    A true unicorn in our team. Pablo understands that tech alone can't get people offline. His mission is that you spend less than 1 minute on our website for each game you play


    Marketing Assistant

    She helps with creating events and communities offline and online


    Community Manager

    Valeria is an expat from Estonia living in Finland, with an amazing personality and lots of friends who adore her


    Community Manager

    Safiira is an international local: half-Finnish and halp-Pakistanian. She is talented event organizer and amazing host!


    Content Marketing

    Viet is expat from Vietnam living in Finland. He is digital marketing intern, a fast learner and creative story teller!

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