1. What is Jolly Dragon for?


    Jolly Dragon is an international community in Helsinki. It includes an online platform and daily offline events. You can join our badminton, squash, racketball and floorball events even if you have never played before. The online platform allows you to get invited to sport events, reach your friends and organize activities to play together.


    2. How do I join?


    You only need to click on the Sign in/Sign up tab and register your account there.


    3. How do I edit my profile?


    Click on the My players tab and then on My profile. You can edit your preferences and share your weekly availability.


    4. Are all offered activities hosted?


    Yes, our host will make sure you have a great time and feel welcome.


    5. Can I participate even if I have never played anything?


    Absolutely! Anybody is welcome to join independently from their skill level or previous experience. Total beginners and people who don’t consider themselves sporty are all very welcome.


    6. How can I buy a one-time pass?


    You can book online on jollydragon.org or contact the host before the event and pay them directly on the day. We accept both cash and card payments.


    7. How do I join an existing event?


    Check the calendar section http://jollydragon.org/events-calendar for ongoing events and sign up by clicking on the plus icon. Remember to confirm your attendance with the host by phone or email.


    8. Do I need to bring anything?


    Only the willingness to have fun and meet new people.

    9. If I bring a friend, do I get a discount?


    Absolutely! You’ll get a 50% discount on yours and your friends ticket.


    10. Where else can I find you?


    You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, and Snapchat (jolly_dragon)


    1. How do I add activities and hobbies that I would like to be asked or ask people to join?


    Go to “My Profile” and type hobbies and activities in the “Add activity” window; click “Save”. Now you’ll see folders appearing in “Player lists”. Click “+” and add emails of your best friends.


    2. How do I add friends to my profile?


    After adding activities in “My Profile” go to “Player lists” and click “+”. Add one by one emails of your friends to the activities you’d like to invite them. Ask your friend when he or she is available during the week.


    3. How do I invite my friends to play with me?


    After adding your friends to “Player lists” you will see “Activities available today” on the right of the screen. Scroll down and choose the dates you want to organize the activity. Then scroll up and click twice on the folder with activity you want to do. System will show you friends who are available at that date. Send them automatically created message, add corrections if needed. Done!


    4. What is "Survey Friends"?


    Every one of us has many friends in social media. Would you like to meet them offline? Discover what are your friends are interested to do in real life. Use “Player lists” to invite them to activities they are interested in.


    5. How do I delete my account?


    At the moment, we can not delete your account for the technical reasons. However, please send us email with the request, we will put you in a line and delete it as soon as possible.


    1. How do I create an event?


    Go to the home page and click the yellow button “+ create event” on the left side of the page. In the popup window fill in all the fields and add a picture for the event. You can edit it later. You can also add an event co-organiser by switching to the right tab and choosing one. To invite people to your event switch to the third tab in the pop up window to the left and choose who you want to invite.


    2. How can I become a host?


    Let us know if you are interested in becoming a host by sending an email to anna@jollydragon.net. We would be very happy to talk with you.


    3. How do I become an ambassador?


    Come to our events and we will tell you. Ambassadors get lots of benefits, invites to parties, and discounts. Bring two new people every month and you will gain ambassador status, which guarantees you 50% discounts off sports and lots of amazing opportunities.


    1. I love this concept! Do you organize other activities?


    Sure we do! You can join Cafe’ Lingua, a weekly language exchange group at Cafe’ Mascot: Facebook group (Free!).

    If you live in Vantaa you can play for free at Myyrmäen UrheiluPuisto. Find out more on our Vantaa Games website (Free!)

    You can also join our international team and work with us, check our Startup Intern program.


    1. What is membership?


    Membership is an e-bonus card that allows you to get incredible discounts on chosen sports. For each sport you choose you get a 50% discount when booking courts at the Merihaka Sports Center.


    In addition to this, you will get a discount on all Jolly Dragon hosted events for that sport. For example, if you like badminton you can book badminton courts in Merihaka at 50% off and join Jolly Dragon badminton events at a discount.


    2. Does the Jolly Dragon membership bring me some benefits?


    With the membership e-card you get a 50% discount on courts at the Merihaka Sports Center. The discount is valid on weekdays before 16:00 and on weekends.


    For hosted activities, membership discounts apply at all times. With a membership e-card you will be able to join Jolly Dragon events for the sports you have chosen at the cheaper member rate. You can check what the member price is by looking at the event description in the calendar, it’s the one in the middle. Membership costs 5€ per sport and lasts for a month.


    3. Why should I get it?


    We all know playing sports in Helsinki can be very expensive, but with the membership e-card you can play at a much cheaper rate every day and find partners at your skill level. You will also have access to discounts and grow your network.


    4. Where and how can I buy membership?


    Please send an email to anna@jollydragon.net with the subject “I want to get membership for ..(sport you like).” We will process your request immediately. You can also purchase your membership in person by coming to one of the hosted events at the Merihaka Sports Center and get it directly from the host. You can pay either by cash or card.


    5. Where can I find my membership card?


    After completing the registration on our website, you will find your membership subscription info after logging into your account at: http://jollydragon.org/my-players, under the tab My Profile.

    Pro Tips from our Free Time Life experts how to be a better player:

    • Counter Offer! When answering a players survey to know when to invite you to play, if you can´t make the offered times, don´t be shy, make a Counter Offer of when it would suit you to play. Their Players page encourages you set other times and even other actvities.
    • Free Time Windows! Suggesting a specific point time is for beginners, give your friends a better chance to be able to yes to your invite by offering a Free Time Window of when you are available. That´s a FTW in pro offliner speak!
    • Your Turn! Why not create a survey of your own and get you and your friends more offline. Life is more fun away from the screens and off the couch! 

    Follow these steps:

    1. Create an account at jollydragon.org (or appropriate subsystem)
    2. Fill in the My Players with some thins and especially WHEN you can play, the more braod, the more players interested you will get. Remember the FTW
    3. Survey a few friends to get started and see how it works.
    4. Then build up bigger groups to have bigger more interesting Fun!

    Go forth and Have Fun!
    The team @ Merihaka Sports Center & Jolly Dragon
    In case of any questions or answers please contact anna@jollydragon.net or paul@jollydragon.net

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